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More Exchange 2010 SP1 Failures

Posted by Alan McBurney on November 16, 2010

Another issue has arisen around upgrading a mailbox server to SP1.

Error is

“$error.Clear();$vdirName = “PowerShell”;$InternalPowerShellUrl=”http://” + $RoleFqdnOrName + “/powershell”;new-PowerShellVirtualDirectory $vdirName -InternalUrl $InternalPowerShellUrl -DomainController $RoleDomainController -BasicAuthentication:$false -WindowsAuthentication:$false -RequireSSL:$false;” was run: “The virtual directory ‘PowerShell’ already exists

To resolve this issue

  1. Open ADSIEdit
  2. Navigate to
    Configuration – Services – Microsoft Exchange – “Domain Name” – Administrative Groups – CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT) – Servers – “Server Name” – Protocols -HTTP
  3. Delete the PowerShell vDir
  4. Also delete the Powershell vDir from IIS
  5. Restart server

Hopefully this will save someone else a day of wasted time.


One Response to “More Exchange 2010 SP1 Failures”

  1. Lewis said

    Does this upgrade have to be done in the PS?

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