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Reseed failed DAG database copies

Posted by Alan McBurney on September 16, 2011

I have been working with a customer that has a large number of Exchange databases and wishing to to protect these with a DAG solution.

A multi node DAG had been built for the customer and one of the nodes was being problematic when it came to the initial seeding of the database.
The databases would initially seed fine, however as soon as they finished the DB’s momentarily reported “Healthy” before changing status to “FailedandSuspended”

I tried a number of fixes for this including manually copying log and catalog files, however nothing seemed to work. Then in true Microsoft fashion a reboot of the server resolved the issues and the databases seeded properly. After running an update against a DB it’s status remained “Healthy”

As previously stated the customer had a large number of DB’s that were being replicated so I resorted to the Shell to fix the remainder of the DB’s that were “FailedandSuspended”

The following command was used to bring the remainder of the DB’s back to a healthy state

Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus –Server (MBXServerName) | Where-Object {$_.Status –eq “FailedandSuspended”} | Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy –DeleteExistingFiles –SourceServer (SourceMBXServerName)

Job done 🙂


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