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Error Adding Members to a DAG on Server 2012

Posted by Alan McBurney on April 8, 2013

Ran into an error this morning trying to add members to a DAG running on Server 2012

When I try to add the nodes to the DAG I got the error

“You must provide an value for this property”


Decided I better do some reading on TechNet regarding 2010 DAGs and Server 2012 and it turns out that you must pre-stage the CNO (Cluster Named Object)

The documentation states

Pre-staging the CNO is required for Windows Server 2012 DAG members due to permissions changes in Windows Server 2012 for computer objects.

There are 2 methods to achieve the pre-staging.

  1. Add the “Exchange Trusted Subsystem” group with Full Control to the CNO
  2. Add the first DAG member with Full Control to the CNO

For me I choose to add the “Exchange Trusted Subsystem

Adding the Nodes to the DAG after making the necessary changes worked without issue



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