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Failback EMC Celerra Datamover

Posted by Alan McBurney on July 3, 2011

Received a call from a customer this evening regarding complete loss of access to their SAN.

The customer was running a virtual infrastructure and all their VMs were hosted on the SAN, naturally this wasn’t a good situation to be in.

After looking at the SAN it was apparent that the primary datamover had failed over resulting in loss of access to all the vSphere hosts.

Luckily this was a fairly straight forward situation to resolve.

The resolution was thus.

  1. SSH to control station
  2. “nas_server -list” to check whether there is a datamover failover.
  3. “/nas/sbin/getreason” to check the status of the datamovers. The 2 datamovers should be both in “contacted” status.
  4. “server_standby server_2 –restore mover” to failback the datamover.
  5. Run “/nas/sbin/getreason” several minutes later to make sure both datamovers are in contacted status.

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