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MDT Refresh Task Sequence Failures

Posted by Alan McBurney on March 14, 2011

Lately I have been using MDT to refresh old machines with a fresh XP image.

The machines are all DELL and the task sequence kept bombing out during validation complaining that it couldn’t detect the disk\partition type.

After checking disk manager I noticed the standard DELL system partition configured as EISA which you can’t delete using Windows disk manager.

The solution was to use diskpart to remove the OEM partition and then the task sequence continued fine.

To remove the EISA partition follw these steps

From Command prompt run

  • List Disks
  • Select Disk 0
  • List Partitions
  • Select Partition x (In my case it was 0, be sure that its the right partition before continuing with the next step)
  • Delete Partition Override

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