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Disable PST file creation in Outlook Clients

Posted by Alan McBurney on August 31, 2010

Outlook 2007

Download the Office 2007 GPO Administrative Templates from:

Review the Microsoft article on Enforce settings by using Group Policy in the 2007 Office system:

Create\Edit a Group Policy to limit PST access

1. Open the GPO Editor and follow the steps in KB307732 to load the outlk12.adm Outlook 2007 GPO templates.

2. Goto <User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Office 2007\Miscellaneous\PST Settings>

3. Enable “Prevent users from adding new content to existent PST files” if you want to put PSTs is read-only mode

4. Enable “Prevent users from adding PSTs to Outlook profiles and/or prevent using Sharing-Exclusive PSTs” if you want to block the creation of new PSTs
Note: This option will also prevent off-line caching of SharePoint Lists and Internet Calendars.

Outlook 2003

Outlook 2003 does not allow for the same granularity of PST control as Outlook 2007. 2003 is limited to just blocking the creation or opening of PSTs.

See Microsoft KB896515 for options on how to block the creation and/or opening of PSTs.

Blocking PSTs completely in most versions of Outlook

The following registry key, DisablePST, will block PST access all together

Office 2000

Office XP

Office 2003

Office 2007


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