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Move Office 2010 MSOCache to Alternate Drive

Posted by Alan McBurney on July 1, 2011

I use a 60GB SSD as my primary boot drive on my dekstop and was looking at how I could free up as much space as possible.

I ran Tree Size and noticed that the MSOCache for Office 2010 was 1.2GB.
This is a hidden folder located in C:\MSOCache

I wanted to move this to my D: drive to free up the valuable space from my SSD but after some reading I found it is not possible to move the location of this using office install.

This is where Junction came to my resuce

Junction is a free utility from sysinternals and is availble from

Firstly I move the MSOCache using RoboCopy to my D: drive using the follwing command

Robocopy C:\MSOCache D:\MSOCache /MIR

Be sure to run the above as an elevated command prompt.

Using the /MIR switch mirrors the folder contents, security & attributes so the folder remains hidden on the D: drive

After Robocopy ran I deleted the MSOCache folder from the C drive.

The last piece was to create a junction point that links C:\MSOCache to D:\MSOCache and gives the 1.2GB back to my SSD

I downloaded junction and copied the contents to %windir%\system32 and then ran the following

Junction C:\MSOCache D:\MSOCache

Job done 🙂


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RSAT for Windows 7 SP1 now available

Posted by Alan McBurney on April 11, 2011

RSAT for Windows 7 SP1 is now available for download from here

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Cleanup Winsxs after Windows 7 SP1 install

Posted by Alan McBurney on March 16, 2011

I recently noticed that the free space on the 60GB OS partiton on my laptop was running very low on space. Some of this was due to old offline files which I managed to cleanup fine.
I then ran Tree Size on the OS partition and found that the winsxs folder was 10.2GB.

After a bit of research I managed to use the command below and reduced the winsxs by 4GB 🙂

DISM /online /Cleanup-Image /SpSuperseded

The command needs to be run from an elevated command prompt and you cannot uninstall the Service Pack after it completes

I then did the same on my desktop and recoverd an almost identical ammount.

Pre CleanUp

Post Cleanup

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